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Hello! Welcome to my blog! You can call me Steph or Safi. I'm currently attending a small college outside of Boston, Massachusetts, majoring in Fine Art *(*´∀`*) My interests are world and art history, animals, mythology, reading, and exploring diverse cultures and religions. I adore Animal Crossing, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Hetalia and Supernatural! I love hearing from people, so dont be afraid to say hi!

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I’ve been working on stuff! Lots of stuff. It’s been a long busy summer, especially with my job, and unfortunately I haven’t posted much. I have a large commission that’s been taking up most of my time, but has came along pretty well so far! Hopefully it’ll be done soon. One can dream.

Today my computer, which is just over a year old, started doing what the Internet calls “the seven beeps of death”. Hopefully this issue can be fixed quickly by the campus tech department and everything can be saved. If not, I’ve saved my most important wips (as of two days ago or so) on a flash drive. It would be a great loss of photos, memories and music if they can’t fix it, but at least my commissions are safe.

Anyways, I’ve got other projects to work on, including a possible plush experiment ??? I’m so excited to start some new things, I’ve got a printmaking course as well as a design class. I’ll update process pics and the like on my twitter (@cuppykeks) !!

Here’s to a (hopefully) happy semester, to everyone out there starting another year. Keep your head up! Everything works out eventually haha

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A sketchy thing 
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*eagle screams intensify*
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My first cocktail as a 21 year old was titled the “Drunken Dragon” and contained pear vodka, peach schnapps, lemon lime soda and apple juice (it was yummy)
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horse burb
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Warm spring feelings
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Anime Boston was a success! I just wandered a lot and got to (briefly) meet starlock and also got an arpakasso swoon good weekend (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ☆*:.。. (Aside from the con there was a late night grocery run, s’mores pops and blooming cheesy bread god I love being in Boston)
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